Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EPCOT 1978: Israel

For many years, plans for an Israel pavilion were on the drawing board. Even after EPCOT's opening in 1982, Disney advertised that Israel would be a future addition to the World Showcase.

Guests would be welcomed to the pavilion by the ruins of an ancient minaret. Past an entranceway of olive and cyprus trees, visitors would find a delicatessen and a convenience shop offering native publications, books, and films.

Further into the grounds, rising walkways would lead to a bazaar-styled marketplace. Here guests could purchase things such as tapestries or custom wood and brass items. The theming would reflect both new and old styles of Israel.

Finally, guests would pass through an archway and into a covered amphitheater. Here Israeli musicians would perform classical and traditional folk music.


D.O.C. said...

I suppose the closest they got to this was during the Millennium Celebration. I remember watching the virtual tour of the Old City.

Basil said...

I would love for this pavilion to see the light of day, but I understand why Disney has kept its distance. I'm sure they don't want to throw their hat into a political hot bed and offend a percentage of their fan base.