Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Buy n Large

In anticipation of the upcoming WALL-E Pixar feature, a viral-style website (www.buynlarge.com) has been launched to promote the film. This is the "official" site of Buy n Large, the corporation that manufactures the WALL-E robot, and others in the line such as SALL-E, GAR-E, and the upcoming PEET-E.

In addition to robotics, there are press releases for several things, including

  • Roboti-Mates - robots that mimic the behavior of average committed relationships
  • Xanadou - a drug that simulates the "euphoric shopping experience"
  • BnL Annual Report: The Musical - held at the Stanton Hall Theater
  • 4-D animation from Pix-Vue Animation Studio
  • The Sloth Games where players' main objective is to lay prone

You can also visit the Buy n Large store (hosted by zazzle.com) to pick up shirts, coffee mugs, and the like. My personal favorite shirt is the BnL Legal T-Shirt which has a long legal spiel on the front with such gems as "The Customer agrees to treat all information obtained while wearing this Buy n Large-branded shirt...as proprietary to Buy n Large" and "Buy n Large does not endorse, ensure the accuracy of, or recommend any shirts, and Customer uses said shirt at the Customer's own risk."

Be sure to click the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the main page and read all the great things the company will do with your personal information.


Nerine said...

Great work.

Anna said...

I also liked everything about this movie, it is especially dear to me, because my 5-year-old son adores it!!! Wall-e has already become the member of our family :) Here's link for downloading, if you need the movie